Thanks to @Asheraf for implementing it first on Hercules

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This feature allows you to have a totally captcha system to prevent from automation system (Openkore bot, Blue eye macro, AHK…).

  • /macro_register : It allows authorized players to add directly a captcha in the server when it’s started.
  • /macro_preview <id> :  it allows to preview a captcha by its id
  • /macro_detector : It allows authorized players to ask to one or several players (like a batch system) to challenge a captcha


  • macro database : You can add captcha images directly in your server and load them when the server start by using the db/captcha_db.yml

It only works with client version 20160330 or more recent
For server side, you need to have yml database version at least, cpp files and packets_struct.hpp file

N.B : Only for those who want to hot upload image when the server is already started and not using the macro database system : By default the client expects a 16 bit BMP image when receiving the images but the macro register ui can only read 24 bit images, therefore in order for this system to work the client needs to be patched with the correct CAPTCHA_BMP_SIZE a Nemo patch for doing so is now available at




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