This feature allow you to sell / trade a char from an account to another.

Description :

Char A get a book to register the char to sell / trade.
Option A : You can choose to lock the char while he is linked to the book, so Char A will be kicked, book will go in storage and Char A wouldn’t be able to log on it as long as the char hasn’t been trade / sold.  The trade would be able to do from another char of the same account.
Option B : You can still go on the char linked to the book and do the transaction on the char itself. You can even choose to allow to change the char linked to the book as long as it is on the same account.

When the trade of the book is done, the buyer has to use the book to transfer the char.
To ensure that there is no exploit / dupe / scam, the buyer receive the name of the player linked to the book during the trade.
Also, the trade can’t occurs if no char is linked to the book.

Transaction details are stored in a new table in SQL, so you can also show the content in a live market on a website.

There is the possibility to sign the item to see the char name in game bound to a book.


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