Allow your players to farm legally xp or drop or both on a map while they are away from computer / game.
You can also sell this time with cashpoint, condition the use of this feature by equipping an item ect…

Every feature can be configured by the player himself.
You can choose which features you want to allow.

– Auto heal skill (skill list : Heal, Highness Heal, Potion Pitcher, others can be added on script side)
– Auto HP / SP potions use (Configure min HP or SP before using it)
– Sit / Regen (Configure min HP or SP before sit, it auto stand to attack if hit)
– Auto buff skill (Player can choose between all his support skills, it checked if the player is still under status to rebuff)
– Auto attack skill (Player can choose between all his target or ground skills, if ground, the skill is used on ennemie position)
– Auto buff item use (item list : Concentration, Awakening, Berserk potions, others can be added on script side, player can choose the delay between each use)
– Disallow warp to another map while autoattack running (avoid any issue if used with @afk)
– If death, disactivate the auto attack status
– Allow player to disable auto melee attack (usefull for job that only want to use skills)
– Teleportation configuration (skill and fly wing, ex 1) if no mob meet after x s 2) if low hp))
– Allow player to choose enemies by mob id (+ Allow player to attack or ignore if hit by an aggressive monster not on list)
– Allow player to choose item to loot by item id
– Moving configuration (randomly or straight until encouter an obstacle)


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