Enhanced PvP system is a new system that allow you to add more possibilities than a simple ladder.
Based on their points, players have a dedicated rank.
Informations on rank are in an yml database (points, aura, functor aura (if you have it), bonus stats / scripts)

Players can fight others players with a matchmaking system. (Players must not be more than one rank apart to fight)
It teleport players in a specific map (listed in another database file)
There players must win the most rounds to win a match (rounds number is configurable)
If a player die, he lost the round. If he get off or teleport by any way in another map, he lost the match.
You can also set a specific timer per round to make sure they don’t fight forever…

This system also include promotion and demotion system (optional and configurable)
For example, if a player reach the max points of his rank, he must win a specific number of promotion matched to rank up.
Same about demotion, to avoid to get demoted to the previous rank directly if you loose a match after being promoted
You can set a number of match allowed to be lost before being demoted

Last feature, you can set a decay system of which every day, player can loose points. (number of point is configurable per rank)

Of course, there are commands to use the system
@setrank to change the rank of a player directly
@setrankpoints to change the rank points of a player
@rank to view all informations about your rank
@toprank to view the top 10 players of the server
@regrank to register to the matchmaking system
@unregrank to be removed from the matchmaking system
@reloadrankdb to reload the rank yml database

And you can get informations of a player by script (rank name, id, points)



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